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Welcome to our site. We are vitamin C enthusiasts with a lot to say.

Inside this website you will find articles written by people from all walks of life, doctors, athletes, mothers, fathers, scientists, and more. Each with their own story or thoughts on the power of vitamin C. The various benefits of vitamin C are reported in countless medical journals and lengthy studies. All About Vitamin C will look to compile these findings and report them to the general public, further advancing our knowledge on proper supplementation and healthy eating.

We will also highlight the effects and benefits of high dose vitamin C supplementation in various forms including but not limited to powders, pills, liposomal delivery, and intravenous vitamin C. There is much debate as to the extent to which high doses of vitamin C can cure and prevent diseases. We will not argue either side but hope to start the discussion on its benefits and possible side effects.

If you would like to contribute an article please submit your article via email to info@allaboutvitaminc.com and we will post your article while giving you authors credit. Together we can spread the word about this wonderful vitamin.


Don Johnson