Vitamin C and dental health


Vitamin C is important in maintaining your dental health and in speeding recovery from dental surgery.

Vitamin C’s role in maintaining the health of teeth and gingiva remains unchallenged. “Clinical evidence indicates that vitamin C functions in improving host defense mechanisms and is thereby implicated in preserving periodontal health. Common sense tells us that the monitoring of the vitamin C status of individuals, especially those at high risk (e.g., diabetics, smokers, elderly, etc.) for inadequate intakes, will yield positive results for periodontal health.”1

“Vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional supplements have recently been tested as therapeutic healing agents. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an essential nutrient that serves to maintain the integrity of bone, connective tissue, and teeth. A prolonged deficiency of vitamin C results in scurvy, a chronic disorder characterized by various dental symptoms including gingivitis, periodontal inflammation, abnormal dentin formation, and tooth loss. The role of vitamin C supplementation in preventive dental health maintenance and in speeding the recovery from dental surgery has recently emerged as the subject of increasing scientific investigation.
Several direct and catalytic biodynamic actions of supplementary ascorbic acid in the body have been identified as promoting oral health and the rapid recuperation from dental diseases and surgical procedures. Vitamin C has been demonstrated as effective in stimulating the immune system and subsequently reducing the potential for post-surgical infection. Vitamin C can also enhance wound repair following dental extractions through the strengthening of socket blood clots, as well as by increasing the body’s construction of scar tissue and the synthesis and deposition of collagen.” 2


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